DNA Rhythms is not about drums, it is about connecting your people and transforming your organization into one that learns and grows together. No previous musical ability is necessary.

We facilitate organizational wellness & employee engagement sessions using drums & percussion.  We will work with you to create an event that will bring your people together in a unique and inspiring way.


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History & Biography

DNA Rhythms was founded 07.07.07 by Chris Scholl in Winnipeg Manitoba with the purpose of bringing people together with the drum as a tool for communication, celebration, employee engagement and strengthening team dynamics. Chris has been drumming and performing professionally for over 23 years.  He is a trained Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator and leads corporate wellness and team building sessions.

Health Rhy

“It’s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree and an educational tool for every classroom”

- Remo Belli, CEO/Founder of Remo, Inc.


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