Corporate wellness drumming focuses on community and stress relief through cooperative games using drums and percussion.  Group drumming involves interactive activities that enable participants to get to know one another, learn to work better organizationally and allow participants to share their unique attributes.  Drumming has the ability to motivate and inspire long after the event has ended.

According to research studies done by Dr. Barry Bittman, economic analysts (independent from the study) projected that a Pennsylvania corporation saved $89,100 in expenses associated with training new employees through having corporate drumming events to improve morale. That’s a return on investment of $60.57 saved for every dollar invested.

Group drumming provides opportunities for employees to express themselves, make choices, and work together in creative ways offering an accessible platform for creativity, cooperation, expression, and creativity.  When people get a chance to play together, magical things happen. Barriers are broken. Walls come down. And lasting bonds are formed. You can’t buy this type of experience with technology and you can’t get it through a pep talk. People crave authentic, in-the-moment, creative experiences they can see, touch and hear. People want to be involved !

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, reduce stress, stimulate some team-building, or just improve morale, offering your employees or colleagues corporate wellness drumming is just what you need!  The results of a Corporate Drumming Event are always positive, and the return on your company’s investment is always positive and lasts a long time after the event.




Within 15 minutes the sounds of drums were reverberating throughout the room.  Instead of verbal communication Chris gave people an opportunity to speak to the group through the drum.  The workshop was filled with laughter and energy.

Ray Derksen

Chief Superintendent for Frontier School Division


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