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CCAP – Corporate Cultural Alignment Programs


As business leaders or executives, we tend to think of initiatives to engage or align the people of our organization as a potential cost rather than an investment.


When the dollars do move toward initiatives, the direction is usually toward performance improvement, leadership development or some form of professional training.  There is no denying that these are important elements of corporate and individual growth.  However if our focus is 100% on the serious side of Corporate Culture then other empower or engaging methods can be overlooked.




The human brain is engaged and more neural connections are made through play and interactivity.  Celebration as a team or organization will have lasting effects and beneficial impact on the corporate collective brain.



Everyone loves a party but the Monday’s after can be potentially terrifying depending on the events of said ‘party’.  I am speaking more about ‘how’ you celebrate to align & engage your culture on a regular basis.  Research based studies have shown that group drumming & companies making music together has positive effects on increasing overall productivity, reducing stress & employee burnout which in turn reduces turnover rates & increases the effectiveness of the organization as a team or culture.  All of this leads to financial growth.

Companies that make music together… grow.  The music becomes the corporate cultural metaphor for how we share our rhythms/ideas, listen to one another and learn to appreciate the uniqueness of our colleagues.     Everyone engaged in this primal, yet advanced form of communication develops connections that no pep talk can produce.

Toyota recognizes this.  Below is a picture of Toyota’s ‘drum room’ that you have to walk through to get to the production floor.


“The Toyota Drum Circle is an extraordinary, first-of-its-kind experiment in the use of on-going music making for corporate teambuilding, stress-reduction, and change management.” – Christine Stevens (Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and music therapist)














Posted December 15th, 2014

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