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What is corporate wellness?


People spend the majority of their time with the people they work with.  This means that our cultural concept of community has moved from our neighborhood to our work environment.  For better or worse, this is a fact.  The people that surround us on a day to day basis can be part of determining our overall joy, creativity and support as unique individuals.  In any organization, the health of the overall organization is determined by the parts that make up the whole.  In other words, a company can contruct perfect policy and procedure but if the people that company employs feel stressed, under-appreciated and conflict with co-workers/management that company will suffer.  The whole reflects the working parts.


Wellness means feeling alive and healthy.  Wellness includes having your needs heard and effectively listening to those around you.  Wellness is honest, direct communication.  Feeling alive and healthy automatically inspires an individual to give more and be more.  Corporate wellness is having those that work for you or that you work with feeling alive, passionate, listened to and appreciated for the gifts that they offer to your organization.


Does your organization foster this kind of environment?  Are there communication struggles between management and staff?  Is your work-force alive and healthy?  Have you tried various ‘team-building’ strategies that only yield short-term results?


DNA Rhythms uses an evidence-based wellness protocol that has been proven effective in reducing employee burn out, relieving stress and improving long term communications between co-workers.


The protocol utilizes non-verbal and verbal communication techniques in order to achieve the desired out-come.


With the use of drums and percussion as tools for this, people are free to express themselves without the use of words which in turn helps them to ‘get out’ the feelings that have been causing stress or isolation.


This program is not about drums, it is about connecting your people and transforming your organization into a strong community that learns and grows together.  No previous musical ability is nessecary.

Posted April 9th, 2014

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