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Perceptions of a drum circle

What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘drum circle’?

Some of the biases that arise when I ask people this questions are as follows:  hippies, dreadlocks, counter-culture, protesters, new age spiritualists, drugs and “That 70′s show’.  Those are real answers by the way.

Did you have the image of an executive in business attire making music with colleagues?  Or how about a group of elders in a retirement residence?  950 nurses at a conference?  Probably not.

I’m aiming to change this here in Winnipeg.  The executives with the aggressive goals, leaders within organizations, teams and communities need to become the ones who embrace the drum as a tool for culture development, employee engagement, team-building, communication and overall corporate wellness.

Toyota Corporation in Torrance CA invested $20,000 in a drum room where employees come together twice a week to make music together.  Toyota’s Associate Development Manager, Ron Johnson, says drumming is ‘a powerful metaphor for high-performance teaming and what those high-performance teams can look like’.

Hopefully, at this point of the post you have another image of what is possible with drumming.  Call me if you are willing to do something unique and engaging with your organization.  204-777-3786


















Posted February 7th, 2015

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