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Team building by design

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many ‘team building’ events, incentives or strategy days.  The real question relating to effectiveness of any team building strategy is ‘how is team building woven into the fabric of your organization by design?’

A team building session or event should be more of a celebration of past or recent successes or a rev-up session to kick-start a new project but not as an after thought.

People are smart.  In this day and age, for the most part, people know when they are being fed a line or being sold to; even during a motivational event.  The bottom line is that if the projects that we take on or the work we do doesn’t have team building as part of the natural design or flow a two-hour session on the importance of team building is not going to make people work better together.

I realize the absurdity of me writing this as I facilitate team building sessions but I am certainly not trying to write my way out of future events that you may be having.  I’m simply stating a fact about designing team building, fun and exciting momentum in to everything your company or organization does.  THEN, we you hire me to come and facilitate a ‘team building’ event for your group we can elaborate, celebrate and shoot morale through the roof as an already cohesive team.

Idea #1:  Invite each member of your team to take turns bringing ice breakers or simple, quick and fun interactive games to meetings to get everyone laughing or connecting.  It is worth 10 minutes of time to do this.

Posted January 11th, 2016

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