Team Building Winnipeg

Team building, Corporate Wellness Drumming and Rhythmic Engagements in Winnipeg.

Fortune 500 companies across North America are now holding weekly rhythm based initiatives for staff as an expression of their commitment to building cohesive teams and increasing employee engagement.

Using rhythmic engagements as a method of team building within your organization can reduce burnout, reduce stress related  absenteeism, increase morale and improve productivity by engaging employees beyond the workload, thus having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Companies in Winnipeg are seeking innovative ways to engage their employees.  Corporate wellness culture is on the rise.  Including drumming as an aspect of team building strategy for strengthening communication is becoming an obvious choice for companies in Winnipeg seeking unique and effective experiences that boost morale.


Toyota Corporation in Torrance California invested $20,000 in a drum room for their staff.  They have built drumming into the team building and corporate wellness culture of the company.  Below is a picture of the room…


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