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We facilitate organizational wellness & employee engagement sessions using drums & percussion.  We will work with you to create an event that will bring your people together in a unique and inspiring way. We bring enough drums and percussion for everyone to experience the joy of making music together. Through a series of interactive games and activities we will have them all engaged as a group or a team. No previous musical experience necessary.

“It’s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree and an educational tool for every classroom”

- Remo Belli, CEO/Founder of Remo, Inc.

Chris came prepared with a presentation that brought smiles to people’s faces and a sense of fun to the room. His easy-going nature, skill in drumming and sense of humour was a huge hit!!
Teresa Rogers – Principal, Linden Meadows School
Chris is extremely talented, and our sessions were engaging and fun. I received several comments from staff on how much they enjoyed the activity. I would highly, highly recommend Chris, and look forward to future sessions.
Natalie Keefe - B.A. Robinson
Chris facilitated a drumming session for us at the University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education. Chris had the room resonating with music, movement, and laughter! Everyone in the group was fully engaged and participating.
Kari McCkluskey - UW Faculty of Education
My face hurts from smiling so much!
Helen Gomez Perales - session participant
We were a diverse group of about 60 participants, including people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and I was impressed with how Chris got everyone involved and working together. This truly was an inclusive experience, as they say, if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm!
Tania Douglas-Inclusion Manitoba