DNA Rhythms was founded 07.07.07 by Chris Scholl with the purpose of bringing people together with the drum as a tool for communication, celebration, employee engagement and strengthening team dynamics. Chris has been drumming and performing professionally for over 30 years.  He is a trained Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator and leads corporate wellness, team building and professional development & community sessions.  His passion is for the people he serves and is proud to extend his love of drumming to those people.   


DNA Rhythms is not about drums, it is about connecting people and engaging them in a meaninful activity.  Drumming is tool used to bring people together, to celebrate, to improve moral, to reduce stress and to connect with one another.  Here at DNA Rhythms we strive to bring you high quality, high energy engagement for any group.  From corporate team-building to school & daycare programming to seniors groups and organizations that serve people with intellectual disabilities we bring enough drums & percussion to engage your people in making music together.  No previous musical ability is necessary for you to experience the power of group drumming. 




We work with any size group to facilitate their participation in a series of interactive games & activities that are designed to engage & energize your people.  We can also customize our sessions to fit any specifice themes, celebrations or outcomes that you may have planned.  Sessions are typically about an hour.  Call 204-777-DRUM (3786) or inquiry through the contact form below and book your session today.  

Drum sessions are culturally neutral, super fun & interactive. Expect smiles and laughter.


Chris had the room resonating with music, movement, and laughter! Everyone in the group was fully engaged and participating. I would highly recommend Chris’ talent, professionalism, and energy for anyone looking for a fun and energetic team building opportunity whether in the classroom (all years), community group, or corporate organization. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to bring him back!

Kari McCluskey - UW Faculty of Education

Call 204-777-(3786) or fill out the contact form below to inquire about our sessions or book your event today!