Drumming is such an accessible activity and our philosophy is ABCD.  Any Body Can Drum.  You just need a body... and a drum.  For wellness drumming sessions we typically bring enough drums & percussion for each participant to engage in a series of games & interactive music making activities.

Music & rhythm are essential to our wellness.  Making music together as a community increases our connectivity, increases our joy & allows for self expression.  Both music & rhythm have an important role to play in our memory.  The drumming games & activities gently challenge us in ways that engage our brains in learning new concepts and recalling familiar ones.  Drumming is exercise for the brain.  Call us at 204-777-DRUM (3786) or inquire below in the contact form.  We look forward to serving your community in finding their rhythm.

This just made everyone come to life!  I felt like I was young again. 

- Muriel Johnson  (session participant)  

My face hurts from smiling so much.

- Helen Gomez Perales (session participant)